I guess you were so impressed by everyone telling you how beautiful your mind was, that you forgot to explore mine. -Zeff Wolf (why I broke up with you, #4)
i’m a different person to everyone i meet and i’m all of them for you -bzq (via x69o)


don’t forget,
our skin 
and bones
are living

- the dust dances too

i. I never went searching for my missing piece; no one could ever convince me that I was not whole. I still like to think it was good for me. I wove through unsuccessful relationships with ease. I never tried to navigate stormy seas for too long because I was never looking for someone else to complete me.

ii. And when I fell in love, it was beautiful. She was beautiful. I remember the first time I saw her with her wide smile and her quiet eyes, and I knew — because they say you just know, and I knew. I felt it in my chest, I felt it in my fingertips: I knew I wanted her in my life, I wanted her in my mouth.

iii. It was a big thing, proposing. I knew she would say yes and I was still scared; I think that worried me the most. She made me happy and I was afraid of mucking it up. I was always afraid of mucking it up.

iv. We had a big church wedding and she beamed the entire time; she lit up the goddamned room in that dress. I didn’t even mind the cliched sentiments or being reindroduced to relatives I hadn’t seen in years because she was there and she was there for me.

v. And then I met you.

vi. I met you and I knew. I knew something else entirely.

vii. You are married to a man who has never been unkind to you and my own list of complaints is less than short, but when my wife brews coffee at 6am, I wake to the thought of your lips. I meet you twice a week in a cafe; I walk away with the the movements of your mouth in my head. I always imagine I hear your voice on the other end of the phone. I greet telemarketers with overbearing amounts of affection.

viii. I do not understand my own commitment, how words spoken in front of a room of people I know have turned into something more than words. And I’m not allowed to call them words; I’m sorry. They are “vows” but they fit my mouth like a gag. These days there are too many things I am not saying.

ix. I still don’t believe in missing pieces. I just believe in missing you. I try not to blame myself. People go their whole lives believing the wrong things. What can you do? Generations thought the world was flat, but you are here and the world is so round; and if you start at one point and keep going, you will always find your way back.

x. I would have liked to always find my way home to you, but I do not know how to call you home when I’ve given my name away to someone else and it only ever belonged to you. -"The First Day I Met You, My Heart Hit The Fucking Floor" Trista Mateer (via tristamateer)

and that the freckles on my skin make constellations more brilliant than you’ve ever seen

A Story A Day #202 by M.D.L
I can’t ask you to stay indefinitely
but I won’t stop asking for more
time. The universe is full of empty
spaces and my hand shouldn’t be
one of them. My heart shouldn’t
be one of them; my hips, the
small of my back, the base of my
neck - what terrible craters to be
so empty, especially with you right
here. I’m not asking for forever,
just a little while longer - my
fingers in your hair should be
reason enough, but I’ll give you
a few more if you need them. -anne, just a few more minutes (via anneisrestless)
I don’t need to write some long paragraph comparing your eyes to stars, or string together sentences about how your touch makes me shiver. Our love was fucking poetic before I messily scribbled down one word about you. I loved you with every bone in my entire fucking body and if that isn’t poetry, I don’t know what is. -journal entry (H.S)
Anonymous whispered: I miss him so much it hurts , and I don't know what to do without him ... 


this is what i do:

  • turn out the lights. take a shower in the dark. it may seem like a thousand hummingbird wings tapping incessantly on your skin at first, but soon, they’ll become a steady river flowing, you’ll forget they were ever made of even tinier matter.
  • watch foreign movies without turning on the subtitles. turn up the volume. fill the entire room with conversation that you aren’t a part of. listen. you’re a ghost now. listen. until you begin to have dreams of letting people into your life again. listen. until you desire to be a part of someone else’s life again.
  • press flowers in between pages of your favourite book. let the days pass. you’ll forget. but anytime you come to remember, they will still be there, more beautiful than ever. you’ll remember. but this time, you no longer will desire to forget. this time, it won’t hurt as much.

We hold onto every little light of hope thinking it would change our life, and then we watch it slowly burn out. And sometimes we burn out with it. -(via euphorie-sucree)

And although you broke my heart into a million pieces,

I still love you a billion times more than anyone else.

-It’s still you I’d choose (via thelowercasek)


Reblog if you’ve been personally victimized by Willow Pape.

I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be. -(via plantias)
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give em hell kids

you can call me molls.

14. Libra. NY.

para mi, tu eras especiale.